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Audit Assistance

No one likes hearing from a tax authority, but we  can make it easier.


Did you get a letter?

We can help people who have gotten letters from the IRS or FTB concerning past or current tax years. We can take a look at the situation and asess the acuracy of the proposed tax liability. We can also petition for the removal of the first year's penalty, saving you money.

Did you miss a few years' filing?

We  can help file past years and get back "in compliance" with the IRS or the State tax authority. 

If needed, we can even research the income and taxes paid for those years if you don't have that information.

Did you get pulled for an Audit?

We can help you pull together your documentation to substanciate your numbers. We can help research or estimlate as well.


We can also Represent you to the IRS, so that you don't even have to speak to them directly.  As an Enrolled Agent, I can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, and you don't even have to attend the audit yourself. Give us a call to find out more!

Do you owe but can't pay?

Sometimes taxpayers have a big debt with the IRS that seems insurmountable. There are many reasons this can happen, but there is some relief we can apply for. Some of these are:

  • Offer in Compromise

  • Declaration of Unrecoverability

  • Innocent Spouse

Schedule an appointment if you think one of these might apply to you.

Did you get an email or phone call?

Unless you signed up for email from the IRS, they do not email or call people! This is most likely a scam, so don't open the email or return/induldge the phone call. You can report it on the IRS website, but we have found that the phone  numbers don't last long.

The Knowledge and Care You Need

Analysing the Numbers
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