Personal and Business Tax Preparation

The Knowledge and Care You Need

We are working hard to stay on top of the new Tax Code changes enacted by recent legislature. There were major changes in both Individual and Business tax calculations, and these will be reflected in new bottom lines. We are not sure what to expect, and some may be left owing more than usual .

Although the effort was made to simplify the tax code, in some ways they are expected to be more difficult to calculate.

We can prepare your:

  • 1040

  • Business return: Schedule C, S Corp, and C Corp.

  • Trust or Estate return

We can also help you take advantage of any changes to tax that might be beneficial to you. 


Because of our work with people who are property owners, we have specialized knowledge the rules of reporting different types of property transactions or income. We can also prepare a Market Analysis to determine the Fair Market Value for help with tax reporting. 

We can do easy returns as well as the more complex situations. Just call or email us to schedule an appointment or get an estimate on the cost of preparing your return.

Analysing the Numbers

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